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If you want to fly in the Alps, Calcinate del Pesce on the shores of Lago di Varese is one of the most beautiful airfields in Europe to glide from, especially in spring time.

From mid March to mid June you can fly very long cross country flights, both to the east and to the west. Usually, we can easily reach the highest mountains of the Alps, soaring to Austria or Slovenia to the east and to France to the west.

We have fantastic thermal conditions and sometimes ridge or wave conditions when the north wind blows, especially in February and March but from time to time, also in April and May.

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When the weather is not excellent, we can fly along the Piedmont that goes until Trieste and even to Slovenia to the east and to the western part of the Italian Alps until the Mediterranean sea. This peculiar position allows us to go gliding nearly every day.

We have been organising competitions for many, many years and successfully held competitions in May, June or even in September. In May-June we can have tasks set in the high mountains or along the Piedmont, depending on the weather conditions. We have often flown seven days out of seven, assigning tasks of 250-300km or longer.

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