Day4 3

For the first time in this SGP the course took the contestants into the high Alps on a 254km course. With  just two races to go the two overall leaders had tactical races - neither of them needed to win the day to qualify for the SGP finals.

Jon Gatfield took 1st place with a speed of 113.9 kph gaining 10 points, but putting him on 11 points overall. Alberto Sironi came 2nd gaining 8 points. Giancarlo Grinza came in 3rd gaining 7 points giving him a total of 17 points overall. Yesterdays winner Mario Kiessling took 4th place adding 6 points to his total.

Now both Mario and Alberto have a total of 30 points each. The next highest overall scorer is Gilles Navas on 19 points. If Gilles wins tomorrow he would finish with a maximum score of 29 points. So Mario and Alberto they will qualify for the finals in Pavullo.

There is still one more exciting racing day tomorrow.

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