P2 Alan Dean

Pete Temple SGP Gawler Champion

Gawler Sky

The weather on the final day of SGP Gawler

After 6 Races on the final day Gawler provided magnificent soaring conditions. A trough crossed the task area bringing 12,000ft plus  cloudbases and 10 kt plus climbs throughout the task area.

The 313.9 km task was won in style by Pete Temple with a task speed of 149.9 kph. Pete won five races in a row securing the top place in the Sailplane Grand Prix with a total of 30 points.

SGP Gawler Final Scores

1 Pete Temple ASG-29                            30
2 Mak Ichikawa Ventus 3T                     19
3 Geoff Brown JS-1                                 17
4 David Pietsch JS-1                               11
5 Matthew Atkinson Ventus 2cxa           6

For full day by day results and total scores see Results

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Champion Temlpe

Peter Temple - 1st place

Champion Ichikawa

Makoto Ichikawa - 2nd Place

Champion Brown

Geoff Brown - 3rd place


David Pietsch - 4th place


Matthew Atkinson - 5th place


Mandy Temple

Contest Director - Mandy Temple

Thankyou to everyone who took part in the friendliest gliding competition - SGP Gawler.