SGP Poland 7

With the successful completion of the French National FAI SGP at Vinon the 11th series of the FAI SGP has now moved to the southern hemisphere events.

The next event will be held at Gawler in Australia 2 - 8 of January 2023. Gawler was the host for the first ever SGP event and enjoys excellent soaring conditions in South Australia. More news and entry can be found at

The Chile national FAI SGP event has become a victim of the current difficulties facing the world. Due to mounting shipping costs and other pressures it has been decided to cancel the 2023 event. Viticura in Chile has been the host for some great FAI SGP events and we look forward to returning there in the coming years.

The final National FAI SGP 11th series event will be held at Worcester in South Africa 22 - 28th of January 2023. Worcester has a remarkable location in Cape province with possibilities for long distance ridge and mountain tasks.

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The final for the 11th series will take place at Pavullo in Italy in September 2023.