Germany winner

After a great racing week, SGP Germany at Eisenhutenstadt is now over and winners have been declared. The top three places were won by:

1 Dirk Windmüller AS33es 30
2 Robin Förster ASG-29E 18m 28
3 Andreas Kühl JS3 - 18m Jet 26

You can see the full race results at Crosscountry Aero

Congratulations to the top two pilots, Dirk Windmüller and Robin Förster from Germany, who have now qualified to compete in the SGP Finals in Pavullo, Italy in September 2023.

SGP Bosnia and Herzegovina at Livno is now underway and the first race completed. You can follow the contest at

These pilots have already qualified for the finals in Italy during the previous SGP qualifying races.
- Sebastian Kawa (POL) as reigning world champion
- Stefan Langer (GER), QSGP Sweden
- Klaus Kalmbach (GER), QSGP Sweden
- Lukasz Grabowski (POL), QSGP Poland
- Linas Miežlaiškis (LIT), QSGP Lithuania
- Mario Kiessling (GER), QSGP Italy
- Alberto Sironi (ITA), QSGP Italy